Fabric and Quilting Boutique in the Heart of Shoreditch Making Crafting Cool Once Again

Vintage fabrics in a cornucopia of materials and a rainbow-bright spectrum of colours fill the walls and shelves of Beyond Fabrics, a quirky boutique in the heart of London making quilting and hand-made home furnishings the epitome of interior design savvy once again. As the recession rumbles on, crafting and quilting are enjoying a revival, with more turning to the arts as an outlet for stifled creativity and the chance to decorate a home in bespoke designs for less than the cost of a new label-led cushion.

Amongst the small handful of patchwork and quilting shops in the vast city of London, none are as coveted or extensively stocked as Beyond Fabrics. Purveyors of only the
finest limited edition and retro-inspired fabrics, the shop is a veritable treasure trove of unique materials for all patchwork and quilting needs. Located in the centre of Shoreditch, which is widely renowned for its vibrant community, vintage shops and thriving creative scene, Beyond Fabrics is a must for anyone interested in creating their own patchwork quilts, accessories and home furnishings.

The shop, which resembles an Aladdin’s cave of fabrics, features materials in a whole manner of patterns, textures, sizes and colours. It opened in 2005, the brainchild of design duo Eduardo Hirschfeld and Silvana Brasil; Eduardo specialises in graphic design and architecture whilst Silvana designs unique accessories. Combining their passion and talents, they bring handpicked fabrics to London from far-flung destinations, making them available for the public to buy; one of only a small number of
patchwork and quilting shops in London to do so. They also craft these fabrics into everything from cushions and quilts to tote bags and corsages. Everything is made by hand, on site and in small quantities.

The fabrics available come in many styles, from packs of scrap fabrics, to heavy-weight cloth for upholstering furniture. Charm packs, layer cakes and fat quarter bundles are in abundant stock making ideal
quilting fabric and perfect for patchwork enthusiasts. Vinyl and clear-coated fabrics are catered for, as well as fabrics with charming patterns, including florals, geometrics, nautical designs, animals, numbers, letters and even people. For the eco-conscious there is a selection of organic material, whilst novelty Christmas fabric is on sale all year round for those who like to get a head start on their handmade festive gifts.

As well as a huge range of vintage and retro fabrics, Beyond Fabrics stocks supplies to satisfy all haberdashery and craft needs. Needles and threads in every conceivable colour and thickness, zips, cutting equipment, binding tools, measuring templates, tailor’s chalk and tracing wheels are all available from the shop, to ensure that their creative customers have everything they need to turn their fantastic unique fabrics into something truly special.

Beyond Fabrics also sets itself apart from other London quilting boutiques in that it offers special
sewing and quilting classes for beginners and experts alike. Surrounding by Silvana’s private selection of sewing materials and fabrics, the informal sessions cover topics such as how to make patchwork quilts and cushions, as well as a basic sewing machinery course called ‘Sewing Machines for Terrified People’. The relaxing and inspirational workshops introduce newcomers to this art form, and take experts right back to the basics reminding them what they so love about their craft. As one of the only boutiques in London to offer this service, Beyond Fabrics cements its status as the go-to studio for all quilting and patchwork needs.

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